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Japanese paper holiday craft classes
Another way to please your body and soul...Join me in a class to create beautiful holiday crafts.
December 6, 2016 in Sebastopol and Santa Rosa.
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washi eggs

Washi eggs and basket

Join Barbra Friedman, who famously teaches Washi Egg classes each year in Sonoma County, for this special holiday paper crafts & holiday giftts class. In this class all materials are included and you will make a covered gift box, an egg ornament and a covered matchbook box.
>>More Information.    download brochure pdf

For a number of reasons Barbra is the best massage therapist I have ever experienced. Her touch is the exquisite touch of angel hands. I am continually amazed at her knowledge of physiology and the variety of techniques she uses to release physical or mental tensions, increase mobility and reduce pain. Her ability to sense energy is amazing when she is able to find spots that need attention without any coaching from me. When I am in her presence I get a warm sense of friendship, caring and delight in her work. I have received massage services in at least fifteen countries and I can unequivocally say that Barbra is the best ever!
- Wesley W.

Cottage Massage and Barbra Friedman's intuitive touch and massage create a space of enchantment where body. mind and spirit unite. I much appreciate this healing experience. Amy Sarratt

All of us benefit from touch. you can be quite isolated without touch and very lonely...there's something about that skin to skin touch and having another human being caring and touching you that makes you feel good about yourself on the inside.-
Evelyn Youndberg D.O.N.

Visiting Cottage Massage monthly, has provided the needed peace and calm my spirit and physical body crave. It is rare to find someone such as Barbra to provide such a carrying touch, and the cottage is the perfect environment for relaxation. Her continued compassion, understanding, and flexibility has made her an integral part of my personal "health and wellness plan". I recommend her with the highest regard, and encourage everyone to put themselves first, if only for one hour a month – you will thank yourself! Peace be with You – Jennifer Duckhorn


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